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Kath Charnock - fiddle, vocals
Kath Charnock is a talented folk fiddler, as much at home playing fast jigs and reels as with steady hornpipes, waltzes and schottiches. She is also a fine singer and regular dance club musician, who can often be found playing for other Yorkshire bands when not out with Dogsbody. She just loves playing - and it shows!

Fran Hughes - 12 string guitar, keyboard, vocals
With family roots firmly based in the Irish tradition, Fran is an excellent all-round trained musician and vocalist. Best known for playing strong rhythm guitar, she also provides underlying keyboard rhythms for the Scottish sets and mandolin accompaniment for Irish songs.

Brenda Spence - caller, bodhran, bazouki
Brenda is well-known throughout the folk music world as an MC, caller and club organiser. She has made regular appearances at leading folk festivals throughout the region. Her ready sense of fun, and ability to match the dances to the skills of the dancers ensure a good night out for everyone, whatever the occasion, whether a party, wedding, festival or Caledonian Ball.

Peter Norman - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Peter Norman is an outstanding and well respected guitarist. One of the founder members of the band, his clever chord structures and arrangements provide the basis for the distinctive dance rhythms of the Dogsbody sound. An excellent harmony singer, he also plays a mean harmonica!

Leah Fox - harp     (www.yourharpist.co.uk)
Leah Fox is a graduate of Leeds University in Music Performance specialising in the harp. A skilled classical musician, much in demand for weddings and similar occasions, her harp arpeggios add an extra dimension to the Dogsbody performance, giving depth and swing to the fast dance sets and a haunting Celtic feel to slow airs and waltzes.

Norrie Spence - melodeon, whistle, vocals
Norrie Spence, born in Edinburgh, brings a wealth of experience of Scottish music to the band's repertoire. He is a fine exponent of all branches of Celtic music both as a musician and singer. Equally at home with Burns or the Dubliners, his lead vocals put Dogsbody into a class apart from other ceilidh bands.